Anyway better visit a doctor before choose an appropriate method. Sometimes your problem is solved after visiting gynecologist and endocrinologist. The doctor will identify the causes of hairy and establish its degree. Sometimes it is enough to cancel a course of treatment, or, conversely, to appoint a suitable medicines as unwanted hair growth will stop. The main rule in such situation is do not panic, and find out the reasons for a doctor, then begin to eliminate unwanted hair on your body. Fortunately, the choice of hair removal today is very wide.

hair removalWays to get rid of excessive hairy are divided into temporary and permanent. Creams, wax, depilatories, lightening are temporal methods, but if you want a permanent result you should destroy the hair follicle. But this crucial process requires patience and considerable financial investment.

Temporary methods

  1. Cream for depilation. The depilatory creams contain substances that dissolve keratin, i.e. substance that make up hair. The method is very simple you should apply cream, and remove it some time later. The main thing is that there is no allergy or irritation from the cream for hair removal. As a rule.
  2. Wax. It is rather painful procedure. And It is better to take this procedure in the cabin. This way you will get pretty good effect for a long time. Also you can use ready-made wax strips.
  3. Electric epilator. Current models better cope with this task. They are reliable and remove unwanted hair faster and more efficient. But the procedure is, quite frankly, for persistent women, although each priocedure passes less painfully.

Permanent methods

These methods work better as a rule, but they need more time and money. Sometimes it’s worth it. Especially is you are some kind of a perfectionist. The above procedures will help you to solve problems such as permanent pubic hair removal.

  1. Laser hair removal. Today is the most pivotal method of permanent hair removing and is popular among both women and men. Laser destroys the hair bag, and hair growth stops. But you need approximately 8-12 sessions. Laser hair removing requires a highly professional approach, otherwise burns and scars are guaranteed. In addition, you should strictly follow the recommendations of the expert during the treatment.
  2. Photoepilation. First, skin is covered by protective gel. Then it is treated with special equipment, which acts on the problem areas with light flashes. To remove hair completely from intimate places, face and other areas 6-10 procedures are required. But this method is not suitable for white hair, as the tool sees only the dark hair. Moreover, the method is not always effective for permanent hair removing, and often is a temporary relief from unnecessary hair.

Electrolysis is another way to say goodbye to unwanted hair. It can be a little bit more painful.

  1. Electrolysis. This is one more way to get rid of superfluous hair forever, if you are willing to endure marathon per year, with monthly painful procedures. Each hair follicle will be destroyed by very thin electrode.
  2. Elos epilation. Almost painless and very effective method. Helps to remove face hair (as well as body hair) which effects on the pelage with light energy and radio-current. Requires 4-8 procedures and relatively big money.